Sodom, Thrash, Germany

Genre: Thrash
Country: Germany
Label: Steamhammer
Year: 2016

Sodom need no introduction. The undisputed kings of Thrash Metal, the band that is responsible for the two leagues of Thrash Metal: the “Sodom” league and the “all the other bands” league. Sodom are back with a brand new album called “Decision Day”. Let’s start by saying that I’m glad that uncle Tom sings in a way that reminds me of stuff like “Persecution Mania”. Not that I have a problem with the “hardcore” vocal approach he used on the previous lp but i just love this darker “evil thrash” way he sings.

Cutting through the chase and focusing on the album, things aren’t surprising at all. What we have here is another album full of “up tempo” Thrash Metal (or fast for other groups but not THAT fast for Sodom) delivered in razor sharp performance by the band. I would prefer a more “organic” sound on the drums but that’s a matter of taste i guess. The production is on “pro” level (it goes without saying).

 And the “flaming” question is: so, are there any great songs here? Well, there is a lot of cool stuff here and there and there are some moments that are great. For instance the title track is a good song with a great chorus. I don’t know if it will last the test of time but it sounds great to me. Moving on we have the mid tempo-ed “Sacred Warpath” that has a great verse and “pre chorus” but i feel that the chorus can’t keep up with the rest of the composition. “Who is God” is another track made to raise hell on their live performances. I think those are the “stand outs”. The rest of the record has moments of cool musicianship, interesting riffing and good ideas. I don’t think that the lp can offer moments of grandeur such as “Code Red”, “Gomorrah”, “Frozen Screams” or “City Of God” (classic songs of their later stuff, i won’t refer to the earlier glorious past) but we’re dealing with a good album nevertheless.