Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Steamhammer
Year: 2020

When albums from such bands are released, the reviews do not need prologues etc, but here I will make an exception due to the great return of the beloved Frank Blackfire. There were rumors before it was announced and we were waiting for it. In my opinion, he renewed the band and along with the 2 new members on guitar and drums, the big guy Tom can sleep soundly, releasing an amazing album. Let’s dive into it…

Starting with the production, this is what I expected from Sodom. The bass is of course more forward than the other instruments and of course with distortion. That never changes in Sodom. Overall is a very classic album from the fellow Germans. Clean sound, but at the same time it has its old-fashioned rawness. The fact that they have 2 guitars, we will understand it only when the band will play live, as in their albums you can not understand if it is one or two, so it is the same more or less.

Listening to blast beats in a Sodom album only makes me very happy. I did not expect it and it has never been done until now in any of their albums. Uncle Tom’s voice is at its best, sharp, extreme where it should be and brutal again where it should be.

The new drummer (it is unfortunate that Merkel is his last name, but it is not the poor guy’s fault), just destroys everything is his path and to be honest, I prefer him over Husky. There, I said it. Crucify me.

Music wise, what can we say. Sodom. Just Sodom. Punky (is that even a word?), in our face, Lemmy is always there somewhere hovering over their heads and in the album’s thrash metal parts (that is, throughout the whole album?), they are kicking ass, as if there is no tomorrow.

2020 only did good to the band in terms of composing new music.

5.5/6 without even thinking about it.