Genre : Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Steamhammer
Year: 2020

Thrash Metal is divided into two categories: Sodom and all the others. And now that we have clarified this, let’s see what the new album from the objectively best thrash metal band in the world has to offer to us.

Genesis XIX is a mix of Better off Dead and the most hardcore moments of Sodom. While one would expect to have a return to the sound of Persecution Mania or Agent Orange (as Frank Blackfire return would promise), yet Sodom decided to move on, and try to get closer to the sound they had in the 90s. Let’s clear one thing: in no case we are dealing with a bad album.

No, it’s not the new Code Red (and definitely far enough from the beastial discography in the 80ies, I do not even have to discuss it), but it is a work that maintains their name comfortably. I have the impression that Friendly Fire and Waldo & Pigpen, for example, fit like a glove for anyone that expects victims in the moshpit in their live appearances.

Please add the production in the positives as well. Finally a band that seems to be recording with organic sound and not with the modern “plastic – perfect” sound.