Genre: Thrash
Country: Germany
Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Year: 2019

Sodom are releasing EPs or singles not so far away from each other following a new plan of promoting their new albums in order to keep their name hot and their fans wired up. The last one, “Partisan” EP came out not too long ago in 2018 and now “Out Of The Frontline Trench” is being released as a precursor of the new full length that is going to come next year.

Here we have the necessary introduction of the new quartet since Husky (Asphyx, ex-Desaster) and York Segatz, drums and guitars respectively joined the band and of course the rejoining of the legendary Frank Blackfire in guitars after 29 years and the biggest transfer in European thrash when he left Sodom to join Kreator. “Out Of The Frontline Trench” contains three new songs, “Genesis 19”, “Down On Your Knees” and “Out Of The Frontline Trench”, as also a rerecording of “Agent Orange” (marking and celebrating the 30-year anniversary of that record) and a live cut of “Bombenhagel”, recorded in June ’18 in Schalke Veltins Arena (which means literally their home turf). It’s a very filling EP, binds well with “Partisan” and I dare to say that I find them more excited and improved as far as songwriting goes.

In the three new songs we see a revival of the “Persecution Mania” era and not another round of the same and easy that Sodom can produce any time, as many consider this EP to be. Either we think we are in 1988, or the rest have become collectively deaf I say… Here we have three top notch compositions that are not common at all, neither boring even if you can smell the trademark Sodom sound from afar, lyrically and musically they just rip. The production, the feeling, all these riffs and the energy just pours over the speakers. Yeah, I do sound like a fan, but it is the truth. Of course this EP throws more fuel to the fire for the upcoming album, which as it seems by now will just be crushing. I cross my fingers, press enter and upload!