Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Year: 2018

It seems that the whole “metal retro” movement didn’t leave Sodom unbothered. Enter Frank “Black Fire”, enter leather jackets and bullet belts, t shirts with cool cult bands. I mean “Backwater”, how cool is that? For the first time in their long lasting carrier they welcomed a second guitar player on board. I should be googling names right now to give you a detailed review but if you’re reading this then you already have an internet connection so do it yourself.

So ,here is the ep, giving us a taste (probably) of the forthcoming lp. Both new tracks are fast paced, in the “eye for an eye” speed not the “Persecution Mania” kinda speed. Partisan has a chorus that bears resemblance to “Sodomy And Lust”, somehow, while Conflagration is a more punk-ish, Hardcore-ish song while it’s chorus is similar to “Conjuration”. “Tired And Red”, presented live here, needs no introduction as it is one of the bands many classics.

So, what about the new songs? Well, not much I’m afraid. Your typical 201’’’something stuff. Well performed, well produced but not that much inspired. Are they bad? Off course not. Are they to become classics? Well, probably not. Am I a harsh dickhead? Well I am and one thing that makes me a dickhead is that I can’t root out of my mind that this band has put out classic songs and lps and stare all the classic thrash albums of the world straight in the eye while holding a knife and those two tracks just don’t deliver for me.