As the years go by the old militia of thrash metal, matures, grows up and changes-most of the times for the worst. And there is Sodom. That’s it. We’ll try to short their albums from the best to the worst, keeping in mind that in their 35 year (almost) discography they don’t have a bad album. Mediocre yes, bad no. Also their live recordings are out of this list. ‘Cause they are actually ‘Best of’ albums.

1.Persecution Mania (1987)

The ultimate thrash album.The nightmare of the American scene.The definition of violence in notes.The hit with a crowbar in the brow of those playing technically.The wild dream of every thrash band.Also the influence of every thrash band.Ugly-savage-raw.It transforms the lamb into a wolf.Men who listen to it chase women.Women who listen to it become men.Hooliganism.Delirium.It’s eating iron and shiting chains.We already said that this is the ultimate thrash album right?We say it again.

2.In The Sign Of Evil (1984)

Normally In the Sign is in the first place too but it’s too short to see it behind Persecution. Here’s the global anthem of blasphemy,this is the definition of unmusical,bear,straight from the cave thrash metal,this is the more vulgar version of Venom,this is the urine that infects the holy waters and the exact opposite of Fates Warning.

3.Obsessed By Cruelty (1986)

A European version and an American so the whips can be tortured in different ways. When others were picking up shorts, the Miner and his gang where playing dice with the bones of their enemies. When all others were learning music,Sodom were unlearning music it self.A whole album full of hymns.

4.Agent Orange (1989)

It’s not Persecution but every thrash band would love to have a Magic Dragon or Tired and Red in their albums (all the rest songs too).The only negative thing is the good production because musically Sodom are still on a level that others will never reach.Being funny,this album has no negatives.

5.Tapping The Vein (1992)

(Mature content) It’s 1992.The old militia matures and softens up.You want some good thrash and nothing new is around? No problem! Tapping the Vein with Sodom being a little more deathish here,comes to your place and fucks things up. Just let Crippler free and in no time no wall will be standing.Play Body Parts in front of the fridge and watch the ice cubes run in fear.Hold it as a pet.This doesn’t need food,vaccination or cuddles. Just throw it a human foot once in a while.

6.Better Off Dead (1990)

Truth is that BOD is unbalanced.But it’s Sodom and that makes it better than any other band. Top moments in this album prove what everyone knows:that Sodom is the biggest band in the known universe.

7.Code Red (1999)

Another sample of pleasant domestic violence. Bell rings,you open the door,surprise-we came to fuck your home up! This was more than a pleasant surpsise though especially in the late 90’s when others became Goths,Pantera clones or whatever.The album has 1-2 so and so moments in it,but when you get kicked in the face you don’t look who pulled your ear.

8.Get What You Deserve (1994)

The title says it all.

9.Μ-16 (2001)

Slightly slower in speed but what do you care if a train hits you with a 100 or with 60 miles?It’s still a train. Sodom goes to war with furious intentions and they leave nothing standing.Except a boner everytime we listen to them!

10.Till Death Do Us Unite (1997)

The most Motorheadish album of Sodom.Raw like the steaks in the inner sleeve,ideal to beat someone up with no reason and a good lesson to all their colleagues at the time.

11.Epitome Of Torture (2013)

So far we had masterpieces to real good albums.Let’s go to the mediocrity now.This one is just above mediocrity. And has a dignity too.

12.Masquerade In Blood (1995)

Their only release up to 2000 that wasn’t good.2-3 songs plus a cover of Anti nowhere league give it some extra points but that’s it.It seems that even Sodom have forgotten all about it.

13.Sodom (2006)

Here we have Sodom slowing down both in music and mood.This is mediocrity.If this album was delayed a couple years more,we surely would be speaking differently about it now.

14.Decision Day (2016)

Their most recent album sound like their all their recent albums.2-3 good songs and a mediocre album. Probably uncle Tom will burst out in the future with a masterpiece.We hope so.

15.In War And Pieces (2010)

Their least good album.Kinda boring but still better than half the bands out there.Same things here too,2-3 good songs.