Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Sodom are the best, outmost extreme, faster, heavier thrash metal band of them all. No, it’s not an opinion, it’s the truth. Their worst release is just “ok” while their best is thrash metal’s top moment (pick one of their greatest randomly, it doesn’t matter). But I do believe that times are changing. When music goes through its darkest hour nowadays with the whole “click – download – play” shit going on I really fail to see the importance of a release as this one. Ok, ok, so it will be a collector’s item. I see, but would I be too greedy if I asked for two more new songs instead of just one? I mean all of the three “old” tracks (actually “Stigmatised” is not so old as it was featured on their latest kick ass release “The Epitome Of Torture”) are headbanging, stagediving “rituals” while the all fresh “Sacred War Path” could be a total hymn. And I say “could” because it has a KILLER vocal line (uncle Tom sounds fuckin’ EVIL), a killer riff, a bridge that is awesome, a fantastic lead part but I was hoping for a better chorus. It’s not bad but the song got me CRAVING for something better than this. All in all is a good release but with 3 old tunes and just one new i can’t give it more than