Genre: Melodic Death/Groove
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2019

New year arrives with a new album by the Swedish Soilwork. Even though they have been really active from the start, this has been the biggest gap between their albums since “The Ride Majestic” in 2015. This was caused by Strid working on The Night Flight Orchestra, a band that doesn’t fit my taste but seems to has raised the fame of Soilwork’s frontman. Since I mentioned Strid, it should be noted that he leaves his mark on this album, as the change between growls and clean vocals is exceptional. I think he’s the best in extreme sound, at least for clean vocals. Musically, Soilwork have 11 songs + 1 intro and they are all very characteristic of their sound. They have moved away from the attacking sound of their first two records even though they get aggressive at parts, they have given more depth to the melody, catchy choruses and direct music. From the first listen you can recognize the ability of the band to write concert-appropriate songs that you will sing and look for in the future. “Verkligheten” is a well worked album to the smallest detail and strategically created to please the fans of the group. In total, I think’s it’s better than its predecessor and really fresh even though it’s the eleventh album of any band. Soilwork have been in the shadow of more mainstream bands from their country, like In Flames or Dark Tranquility, but they have better integrity. They have not moved too far from their initial point and they have mostly decent albums. “Verkligheten” puts them strongly in the metal maps and I think it deserves a listen even from non-fans of the genre.