Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Gates of Hell Records
Year: 2020

You probably remember the American Heavy Metal band Substratum. I was a big fan and I have been following them closely. Two of their key members decided to turn the page by forming Solicitor – marking actually the end of Substratum – so I waited on hold to hear what Solicitor is really all about.

In the new group, Matt Vogan is now the guitarist along with Patrick Fry, while the bass passes into the hands of Damon Cleary-Erickson. Behind the drum kit we will find Johann Waymire. Amy Lee Carlson, is once again the vocalist, with her excellent voice being their trademark anyway, as in both bands. Solicitor’s demo and EP didn’t take long to come and didn’t disappoint at all, although their material didn’t have a wide range to check since both releases had common tracks -2 of the 4 tracks of the EP, they were also in the demo-. The sign, however, was positive, the sound changed, but I definitely wanted a complete full length to have a complete view.

Did I say before about a sound change? Yes. Because basically Solicitor doesn’t have much to do with the classic and quite old school Heavy Metal that Substratum played. The new group combines the classic Heavy with Speed Metal and does it in an incredibly way. Sharp riffing, balancing with classic Heavy alternations and Amy’s voice giving prominence to the material, having the necessary fury and the necessary melody that a proper Heavy/Speed genre’s marriage demands. Of course, the presence of two guitarists is a catalyst in the band since the lead parts dominate their sound. While bass and drums bring out the tracks ahead combining gravity and technique.

The album did not disappoint me at all. As it showed me that there is a band on the map from which I can expect interesting things to happen in the future. I hope they continue with the same devotion to what they are doing. They have too much talent; they know how to do what they have in mind, so everything is ok.