Solitary Sabred, Heavy, Power, 2019, News, No Remorse Records, Cyprus

Genre: Heavy / Epic Metal
Country: Cyprus
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2020

Solitary Sabred record relatively sparse but each release has meaning and substance. Also, from release to release their evolution is quite convincing and distinct, both synthetically and qualitatively. “The Hero The Monster The Myth” was a debut that forced us to turn our eyes on them. With “Redemption Through Force” they showed that they have the makings to stand out in the sound they profess. With this year’s “By Fire & Brimstone” they show they’ve made a compositional leap that can place them amongst the elite of their peers. Before moving on to the music part, let us mention that there is a change of lineup as Fotis Mountouris takes over the drums. There is a mood in the album, to develop all the virtues of the members of the group. Certainly, the basis is the American Heavy / Power, with epic endings, but there is also a pervasive Progressive mentality in the songs. It is the frequent fluctuations in speed but also the frequent alternations. Still, “ο Λεπτός” this time tries to sing on more scales and succeeds brilliantly. Epic, lyrical, narrative, sometimes theatrical, but also with heavier outbursts when the composition requires it. Solitary Sabred is composed of musicians with exceptional abilities and it is only one way to succeed. But they also seem to have intense artistic concerns that makes them restless, on some musical formula especially, but to be in constant search of sounds and emotions, instead. The fact that one song is better than the other combined with the short duration of the album, make “By Fire & Brimstone” an album that can play on repeat. Their best work to date but I consider them capable of overcoming it in the next one. We are demanding of those who can make it and that is only good.