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US thrash/death metallers Solstice are going to release their new, fourth full length album, entitled ‘Casting The Die’, on April 23rd via Emanzipation Productions. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

“Casting The Die” tracklist:

1. The Altruist
2. Transparent
3. Who Bleeds Whom
4. Lifeline
5. Ignite
6. Outlast
7. Seven
8. Embellishment Exposed
9. Cast the Die
10. Eyes Sewn Shut
11. Scratch

The band’s new album, will be released in digital, CD, and LP (four different colours: red, purple, marbled blue & black) by Emanzipation Productions, on April 23rd, 2021. Solstice back-catalogue (the albums “The Sentencing” and “Pray”, as well as their 1991 demo) will also be reissued by Emanzipation on both CD and vinyl formats.