The Swedish SONIC SYNDICATE is one of those examples where the switch to a big label changed a lot of the sound. While I really loved the modern metal sound on their debut Eden Fire and I could really appreciate Only Inhuman, the band’s third album Love And Other Disasters did not only have a lousy name, but also showed a serious decrease in quality, in my humble opinion. Their next album We Rule The Night produced some real abominations like Turn It Up and generally pushed further towards a more commercial sound. In the meantime several band members had left the band, some of them stating ‘out of creative differences with the management and label Nuclear Blast’. Three former members founded THE UNGUIDED and produced music closer to SONIC SYNDICATE’s original sound. They found a new home under Napalm Records and usually comments on their YouTube videos are a nice example of online mud throwing back and forth between fans of either band.

SONIC SYNDICATE took some time off and now returns with the single “Before You Finally Break” of a self-titled album that came out June 7th through Nuclear Blast. The reason I gave the band another chance is because no one less than SOILWORK’s Björn ‘Speed’ Strid is doing guest vocals. The new song does not sound as bad as the majority of the songs on We Rule The Night and it can hopefully turn the tide a little bit for SONIC SYNDICATE.