Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Argentina
Label: Eat Metal Records
Year: 2018

Absolutely ground-breaking steel, we can discover on this EP by Argentinian Sorcerer. We can somehow ignore the fact that they are not aware of the Epic Doomsters Sorcerer and focus on the band’s music. They build their solid song basis under strong riffing played the technical US Metal way, bringing into mind bands like Sanctuary or Metal Church. Songs in mid tempos that go faster when they have to. A real comfortable mission if you have THIS rhythm section on your obscure Sorcerer band. And of course, no one can ignore the vocals. Yes, the vocals are the strongest feature in here. We are mostly dealing with a mixture of Tyrant / Howe.  and it is this particular mixture and those particular vocal lines that are used, that actually take the songs on sky high levels. Sorcerer got balls. And they got talent, and they deliver their Metal straight, loud and clear. We sure need such releases. So, if you are still into the quest searching some amazingly performed and inspired US Metal -even played by a band not from the US-, if you still after real riffing and vocals that would stick into your mind, give Sorcerer a chance.