Style: Epic Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Gates of Hell Records

The arcane Epic Metallers SORDID BLADE generated quite a buzz into the underground realm thanks to their MMXXI demo that was released on cassette back in 2021, followed by a remixed edition on cassette and 7″ (on Nameless Grave Records).

Band’s main man, Niklas Holm is quite active on the underground scene under various bands. Through SORDID BLADE he presents a dark and sold version of arcane Epic Metal.

“Every Battle Has Its Glory” is the band’s highly anticipated debut album. Its music highlights bands like early MANILLA ROAD and early CIRITH UNGOL mixed with newer influences from bands like ETERNAL CHAMPION and MEGATON SWORD.

Epic feeling, obscure melodies and a minimalistic approaching into music are the album’s main feature and I really enjoyed them.

Check this album out if you want some more obscure Steel on your speakers!