Genre: Power/Doom Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Iron Shield Records
Year: 2017

Someone’s ability to see in clarity an entire musical act, comes as a consequence of the musicians’ compositional and performance skills. I will try my best to explain why the new album by Sorrows Path, “Touching Infinity” is an excellent piece of work for me. Let’s examine the three important parts of their music: Rhythm, melody, harmony. Sorrows Path chose to express their melody with mid-tempo doom rhythm. The speed level is not that important, since the tempo is not what makes a piece of music qualified. In this case, the rhythm is in perfect harmony with every melody, giving a deeper meaning. This is a clear indicator of what the musician has in mind; it can’t be explained, it’s just his feelings. The harmony in “Touching Infinity”’s music is distinguished for its right analogy, perfect orfer and the peaceful combination of the whole. Its importance is completed by the beautiful, full of confidence vocal abilities by Angelos Ioannidis, as well as the lyrical themes. I will mention “Revival Of Feminine Grandeur” as the piece that touched my emotions more than any other, but it’s not the only one. It’s just a sample of the amazing songwriting by Sorrows Path.