Soul To Take,Modern Metal,Germany,Greece,Reviews,2015,

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: –
Country: Germany/Greece
Year: 2015

2011… The year of the creation of the band Soul To Take somewhere in Germany by Martin, who was searching for a singer for a track he wrote. For this task he chose Kostas Lolis by Trigger. The group now consists of three members; Kostas Lolis is on vocals, Martin Bauschke (guitar, vocals, programming), Vasilis Georgiou on drumms and Christian Pschibil on bass.

The songs were written and recorded between 2012 and 2014 in Greece and Germany with the help of George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ). The mixing was undertaken by David Prudent at Made In Hell Studio and mastering was done by Alexander Chrisida in Sierra Studios in Athens. The cover was created by Marcela Bolivar of Colombia. The CD consists of fourteen tracks plus four bonuses. Satisfying yet tiring due to the record’s long duration.

Here, we meet open-minded musicians who like to experiment with different music genres like funk, progressive and modern metal, reminding us a little bit of everything; Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Alice In Chains, Disturbed etc. They’re not original, yet they’re not coping anyone. With the desire to create and produce variety in their songs, rhythms alternate from track to track with many pertinent and well-made ideas, with double vocals, both clean and extreme, giving the compositions more depth and colour.

If you are a fan of this sound beware. It’ s a promising band, will concern us in the future. «Among The Wolves», «Dead & Gone», «The Devil You Know», «Black Cloud» are a few tracks worthy of attention on this record.