Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal / Groove
Country: Germany
Label: El Puerto Records
Year: 2017

Hailing from Germany and born when ‘Watch Me Bleed’ members (Pohl, Threuer, Rodens and Gindu) decided to spice things up and add melodic vocals to their music, Souldrinker is an interesting case of a band that has got something to say. Having essentially been active since 2012and having already released a couple of EPs (“Semper Fidelis”, 2013, and “Semper Fidelis II”, 2014) on their own, time was finally ripe for those Stuttgart bastardsto release their first full length album on late November, 2017 via El Puerto Records.

The music Souldrinker offer is modern, groovy, with a fresh dynamic that stirs the interest of the listener quite instantly. Even though, personally speaking, I have a hard time dealing with female vocals, in this case the harshness and melody combined in Iris’ voice hooked me from the very beginning. What we’re listening to is a mixture of Melodic Heavy Metal and Modern Power Metal I’d say, with quite a few progressive influences and surely a southern-ish vibe. One can easily distinguish that Souldrinker have loads of energy and passion. I kept thinking that “War Is Coming” is some kind of pre-taste of what’s to come, as I believe they’ll keep us interested in the future. Solid debut!

At this point I should mention that “War Is Coming” production was handled by Tom Mueller, while Eike Freese did the mastering of the album.

Watch the band’s video for “Let The King Bleed”, taken from “War Is Coming” here: