Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Xtreem Music
Year: 2014

Soulskinner exist since 1997 in the Greek death metal scene, but under the name of Terra Tenebrae they released an album. Then, they changed their name to Soulskinner as it is better suited to the music and their lyrical direction. They have released two more albums and after a hiatus of seven years, they’re back with a brand new album titled «Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom», via the Spanish label Xtreem Music.

For those who do not know, the band features two members with big and important contribution to the Greek extreme metal scene. Gothmog (vocals) and Bill Zobolas (guitars, bass) with common service, both of them were also in the legendary Thou Art Lord. On their third album Soulskinner resurrect the primordial death metal of the 90s. The raw sound that they had in their music from the start, similar to bands like Asphyx and Bolt Thrower. Vocals plucked from the grave, excruciatingly slow and puddle, combined with the music, with sometimes fast and sometimes more doomy riffs that kill, you have no choice between life and death, just death. Production is as it should be for such a record and furthermore the cover art was made by Mark Riddick (Nunslaughter, Varathron). This album may not be from the highlights of the year, but is definitely interesting and very substantial.