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Genre: Death
Country: Greece
Label: Xtreem Music
Year: 2020

Soulskinner is a band that it may “speak” every now and then, yet its “words” are way too precious and it seems that they keep this way a decent and solid discography. “Seven Bowls Of Wrath” is only their fifth album (since 2000) and came out, a couple of months ago via Xtreem Music. Whoever follows their career certainly knows that the band has a characteristic sound. Despite the new line-up (new singer Marios Lampouridis and new drummer George Canavaris have joined), the band easily maintained its personal sound. Between blast-beats, heavy riffing, occult themes and black metal tremolo, Soulskinner manage to create an early Morbid Angel background that captures the familiarity and the habitude that the Hellenic scene has with extremity. Their arsenal is full of hate, experience, brutality and tons of melodic yet epic as fuck riffs and cold atmosphere. We can hear a lot of mid-tempo parts, almost doom, that makes them sound a bit muddy if not sludgy. But there’s a balance among fast and mid-tempo/slow parts indeed. The song structure of course is still old-school but with a fresh look upon it. The final result would please every fan of Bolt Thrower (Soulskinner are a bit faster though), Asphyx, Dissection, early Dark Tranquillity 1989-1993 era, and Morbid Angel.

Highlights: “Night”, “Regeneration Of The Soul”, “Seven Bowls Of Wrath”, “Angel Of Darkness” and “The Destroyer Of Worlds”.