Genre: Thrash/Speed
Country: Serbia
Label: Pure Steel Records
Year: 2014

In the last years, Serbia is making some serious steps to export and unveil its metal scene to the rest of the world. Along with the death/thrashers Infest and the thrashers Pollution, I believe, Space Eater fills out a representative and powerful Serbian trio. The four-piece outfit, named after a Gamma Ray song, is delivering a fine blend of speed/thrash. This is their third full length after a promising debut (Merciful Angel 2007) and a killer second album (Aftershock 2010). This release finds them tighter, more mature and more technical!

Generally, it is a furious record full of fast tempos from beginning to end, with some mid tempos here and there that allow you to catch your breath. The production is modern (a fact that may annoy some listeners), with a crystal clear sound that allow you to listen to every detail of the music. Aggression mixed with melody in 44 minutes that will satisfy fans of modern Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Gama Bomb as well as Agent Steel.

The main highlight of the album is the skills of vocalist/guitarist Luka “Tower” Matković. His vocal delivery is absolutely astonishing, with a wide variety, from screaming to growling, giving this way a huge boost to the whole result and making the choruses really catchy. Luka also produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the current release! The rest members accompany him pretty equally talented with screaming, frenzied yet melodic solos, a bass that drills your ears, creative drumming and razor sharp riffing.

The group honestly delivers its best and the result is really impressive. One of the best releases of the genre for this year and the best release by Space Eater till today. Recommended songs: Ninja Assassin (brings in mind Holy Terror), Unjagged, A Thousand Plagues.