Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: –
Year: 2017

I’m a 1997 child. I feel really unlucky to haven’t been born in the 80’s heavy metal era’s rising, the era of Saxon, Riot and Warlock. However, I feel grateful to be living in the generation of Enforcer, Night Demon and Cauldron, in a generation when classic heavy metal has been reborn from the ashes after this dark and silent decade called the 90’s.

One more case of a promising new heavy metal band is Speed Queen. Founded by five drunk friends in a bar in Belgium, as they say so, they have been around for three years now and are a great combination of a W.A.S.P-like 80’s heavy metal from the two first albums (thou shall not call this glam, I dare you) and Anvil-speed type. The first demo was released in 2015, while in April 2017, their first EP called “King Of The Road” came out, which has been receiving positive feedback from all around the world and the release show of it was sold out!

King Of The Road blasts in with Midnight Murder, and it’s high time you cracked a cold one with your crew. Shred guitars, gang vocals in the chorus and so on. With maiden like guitar riffing and Kill’em all speed levels, the EP goes on with King Of The Road, whilst in Kids Of Rock n’ Roll, one of my personal favorites comes up and all Riot, Def Leppard and Scorpions influnces kick in. Without the EP having a “highlight”, with Fly High and Speed queen, everything goes on under the same pattern until the last but not least sixth track “Stay Drunk”.

This band has many possibilities to climb up to the top, the feedback is great so far both for the bands and their live shows. We will see them in Greece in Up The Hammers 2018. The only little thing that probably takes the release a little back are the lyrics, which are quite “green” yet.