Genre: Heavy Metal/Thrash/Speed
Country: Greece
Label: Eat Metal/Floga Records
Year: 2017

A typical day at the gym, a classic local hardcore one. Various yoked out guys groan while lifting, commenting on one another’s routine. All of the sudden, the door opens and a middle-aged dude steps in, one that doesn’t really look like he got what it takes. Pretty skinny, muscles not defined, wearing all black. He starts his pre workout, focused, calm, wearing his earphones and obviously he puts on the music that he likes listening to while working out. Suddenly…the mutation starts. He is putting on the bar an unthinkable amount of weights (ok, I went a bit too far) and starts dead lifting. The rest of the people are looking as if they ‘ve seen an alien, saying things like “What is he on?”, “Man 140 kilos, is he fucking crazy?”. More than half an hour later, the white-haired dude finishes his work out and goes down to the lockers. Two middle aged guys follow him and approach him to chit chat.

-Dude, I mean sorry and all, but where do you get the strength to do that type of exercises? The weights, are way too much for your size.

-Come on guys, it’s not that hard. I’m eating clean, I’m working out regularly…

-Cut the crap, dude.  You’re on to something. Come on, you can share it with us, help us, we’re on the same side as you. Us, old and tired lads, should help each other out.

-Ok guys, I’ll tell you. But it should stay between you and me because it’s illegal.

-Obviously, we don’t want any troubles with the law.

He then takes out his cell phone, opens the music app and is about to press play.

-Dude, are you joking? You’re about to put music on? That’s not even illegal.

-Well, it’s because I downloaded it. Too be honest though, I don’t like doing so. Since it’s helped me so much regarding my work out, I’m going to buy the vinyl and the CD too. So listen to it…..


Shootings, bombs, war. The intro of the album “Endless War” gets you in the mood straight away and works perfectly as the passing to the self-titled hymn “Speedrush”. As soon as it starts the testosterone overflows. True Thrash, not plastic and fake thrash. It’s so speedy that it should be forbidden by WADA. And as soon as you started getting excited “Malevolent Torture” starts, to remind you of times that Onslaught rocked the whole universe. “Into The Abyss” and complete focus, a track for squats, from the good ones, the full range ones not those gay ¼ ones that trying to sound “manly”. “Freeks Of Nature” and the title says it all, great riffs and the pump starts… If you didn’t manage to gain muscle by now, proceed to listen to the followings: “The Truth” (Network is a great movie by Lumet, kudos for your taste) to get warmed up for the double sets of Thrash, “Passive Agression” and “Reprisal Steel” to start the super sets of biceps/triceps. After all these,  you’re left burn out thinking that you’re about to breath, and “Plague Storm” starts slowly, you think “ok, I survived through this” and…bam, one of the best songs of the album finishes you.

-So that’s your secret man? And we were wondering why we weren’t advancing in any way.

-Well,  the music you’re listening to while lifting is bullshit. Put Speedrush on and see the results. But beware, there are some side effects.

-Of course there would be… Elaborate.

-Your dick is going to get enlarged.

Ok, now the Chief-Editor will be reading this. If you see this review published on Invader it means that they will never get rid of me, hahahahahaha. Seriously though, any of you that haven’t listened to it yet, promptly do so. Rough Thrash, dirty with natural sound, compositions with nice changes, flawless riffs bass played smart, I would maybe prefer if it had some more “air” to give more structure to some songs because bass lines were very enjoyable. As for the vocals? Maybe I’m not the right person to comment on that, since I highly appreciate Nir’s vocals and that ironic style he has, I always loved it. Once more, go ahead and listen to it, buy it and LET THE GAINZ BEGIN.