Genre: Black / Thrash
Country: Germany
Label: Witches Brew
Year: 2016

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of their record path, Speedwhore decided to celebrate this anniversary by releasing a new EP entitled “On The Verge of Dysfunction”. More dangerous, more violent and more primitive than ever, Speedwhore offer us a release of 7 tracks (6 + 1 cover) with total duration of 19 minutes.

Speedwhore prove that the passage of time is an allied component, meaning that, unlike other bands of the genre that were characterized by declining after ten years of existence, Speedwhore return excited and more diabolical than ever. Focusing on the purely musical part of the record, we would say that Speedwhore took a step forward, marking a gradual yet easily recognizable progress in their synthetic creation. The band still relys on Black Thrash structures, however there are distinguished Death Metal outbursts that make the final result more ‘spicy’. The good thing is that the guitars are not so overloaded by complex compositions, nor are they too technical, but this of course does not mean that they are automatically badly written. Instead there is a nice balance with enough points to trigger your mind or stick with you for some time. Turning our attention to the vocal part, the final product, as expected, is characterized by low growls and screams that make you feel certain that the throt Tim Kuntz’s thoar urgently needs to be cured with warm chamomile and honey gumdrops. Perfect addition is the extremely high pitched screams, reminiscent of uncle Schmier’s outbursts.

A pleasant surprise was the covering of the track “Dead City” originally written by Violent Force. Awesome interpretation. They gave the track new impetus, new momentum. I am sure that Violent Force would be proud.

Patric W. Engel handled the mixing and mastering process in Temple of Dysharmony Studios in June 2016. The artwork is a creation of Obsessed By Cruelty.

“On The Verge of Dysfunction” was released on CD (700 copies) and vinyl (300 copies) by Witches Brew on October 28th, 2016, while a cassette format was released on February 20th, 2017 by Weed Hunter Records.

4,5 / 6