Genre: Dark – Heavy Rock / Progressive Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Pulverised Records
Release: November 2022

Sweden’s Speglas have finally returned seven years after “Birth, Dreams & Death” to bring us its follow-up EP “Time, Futility & Death”, marching within the exact same aesthetical margins in terms of musical composition, mental sequencing, cover art, etc. Their new release, taking a cue from its predecessor, explores concepts such as life, death and everything in between, mixing dark rock melodies that are quite emotionally charged, with Death Metal bursts full of raw energy. Despite its intensity, I think that the record conveys a general calmness and lightness, which transforms you into a grain of dust endlessly roaming the universe. Compositionally, the Swedes strike a balance between gloomy and melancholic tunes on the one hand and triumphant and heavy riffs on the other, delineating an experience that seems so familiar and so distant at the same time. Atmospheric and rhythmic guitars make way for psychedelic Death Metal experimentation, forming the final result into an extremely interesting recommendation. Certainly, the rough and raspy vocals, which have been mixed with some delay/reverb, fit in nicely and intensify the theatrical drama that the record emits. Your first listening session should definitely take place late at night, ideally with rain pouring down. “Time, Futility & Death” has a lot to offer to those who listen carefully.