Genre: Heavy/Doom
Country: U.S.A.
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Year: 2017

While I was observing the cover of Curse of Conception, I was wondering if that depicts a dream or figures of extraterrestrial and supernatural forces. You know, the forces that haunt our minds, submitting man to his fears. Quite cliché thoughts for a typical cover for a heavy / doom album not even close to standard. The rock n roll history of Nate Garrett, the man behind Spirit Adrift, doesn’t seem casual at all. Guitarist in 2015 for Gatecreeper, as Jack Maniacky, roadie with Pallbearer and fill-in vocalist at some concerts, Garrett has every reason to believe that sometimes dreams come true. His path and the evolution of Spirit Adrift prove that. From just an interesting one-man project 22 months ago and “Behind – Beyond”, their first full length in August 2016 and a split with Khemmis in less than a year, lead us to this October and the second album spread by 20 Buck Spin. With their friends from Gatecreeper on his side, Garrett unfolds his compositional talent in eight tracks, from which one is instrumental. Musically, Spirit Adrift are part of the new wave of heavy / doom that was reinvented by bearded guys with underground t-shirts, now that the genre is no longer guilty -but not independent- of its funereal subjects. Without the voice to overshadow the whole composition, the burden falls to the music. The guitars are dominant with the long solos (at times reminding of Kirk Hammett) giving a special sound. We can hear influences from Khemmis and the middle period of Gates of Slumber, elements from phych rock and a strong scent of Pentagram / Trouble (but a bit faster). ‘To Fly with Broken Wings’, ‘Onward, Inward’ and ‘Starless Age (Enshrined)’ its best moments. It flirts with the 12 top album’s list of Dirty Dozen 2017.