Genre: Doom Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Year: 2019

This is the third and probably the best album that the Arizona Doomsters have released. They have made progress in comparison to the past by presenting a well-played Doom Metal with many influences. They have many 70’s era Black Sabbath elements, on which they heavily base their compositions. But that’s just their starting point. From that point on, they have a wide range of influences from classic Metal of the 80’s, Trad Doom, Epic Doom, and a few elements that point to 70’s Prog Atmospheres – actually the orchestration and some hypnotic chic points point directly to the 70;s prog vibe-. They also have technical parts, that speeds up and at last I find a band that is seriously involved in setting up tracks. Where other “meters of the genre” put a dry riff playing in the repeat “because that’s the orthodox Doom, friend,” Adrift writes double and triple guitars, they make a rhythm section that shines all the material on its back and to be honest they demonstrate to everyone the right way and how it is done. As for their singer, I have to admit that my first impression was that I will hear another Ozzy clone – mainly because of the melodies he sets up, but also his tune / interpretation in a second phase. But from the very second time I’ve heard the album, Ι realized he has a lot more to give to the listener, in terms of expressive and interpretive. I wish all 70’s Sabbath inspired Doom albums sound like this one, while the instrumental song “The Way Of Return” is just brilliant.