Most of you have probably watched the great trilogy that is Naked Gun. There’s a scene at the beginning of the second movie during which Leslie Nielsen, as Frank Drebin, has just lost the woman of his life because of his commitment to work, as he tries to tell to his colleague at a bar how miserable he is due to that fact and how he misses her permanent hug and company. Successive sexual partners, wild, drunk nights, lots of binge make his everyday life full of ephemeral kisses, unrestrained sex with 20yearolds that haunt with doubt the (in other respects) likeable character. The vivid way in which he describes his situation makes his colleague react with all kinds of funny face expressions and, finally, fume, as the reminder of his repetitious life for almost 30 years with the same woman -although Drebin expounds this idea as a positive thing that offered him the needed stability- along with the close-ups make for a hilarious scene. This kind of dialogue, I think, illustrates humorously the difference in mentality between the fans of traditional Heavy Metal (and its more extreme branches) and those who are more into Glam/Sleaze/Hard Rock. In a more stretched parallelism, Nielsen would be a member of Hardcore Superstar as his colleague sides with let’s say…Overkill.

So, Hardcore Superstar hail from Sweden, the homeland of modern metal, well known for its scene that has tons of different subgenres and is plentiful and rich in this regard. Of course the majority of people may know Sweden for its most extreme releases/bands, but, in our case, we reach a spike. Almost 10 years ago, the year 2010 we find the band in great shape with lots of energy to create. On May of 2009 the band was just signed to the biggest metal label of all, the German Nuclear Blast, through which released their 7th studio album entitled “Beg For It” that had a commercial success and made the audience bigger and hungry for more, as was the general demand with bands of that revival like Crazy Lixx, Crashdïet and Buckcherry. Their arresting discography consisted mostly of singles and hits, so they lacked a studio album that would be well-balanced and in which any fillers (that in other cases made the end result more disappointing) would be redundant. The 2005 self-titled album was probably considered their best up until then (with hits like ‘We Don’t Celebrate Sundays’, ‘Wild Boys’, ‘My Good Reputation’ and ‘Bag On Your Head’) with “Split Your Lip” being in fact a better version of it to be honest.

Same feeling, same passion and zest for partying, with well-written compositions, memorable refrains, wonderful melodies, a clean production and overall inspiration. Apart from the guitars, that sound aggressive and catchy, on “Split Your Lip” we hear   a more mature Joakim “Jocke” Berg (frontman since the band’s creation on 1997), with more burr on his voice, slightly overconfident, but in a good way. Even the front and back cover is pretty sexy, saucy and is arranged with taste. In another time the record would sell millions of copies and MTV would bust our balls with video clips of ‘Sadistic Girls’, ‘Guestlist’, ‘Last Call for Alcohol’, ‘Split Your Lip’, ‘Moonshine’, ‘What Did I Do’ and ‘Bully’ playing nonstop. To all of you who appreciate Hard Rock (with some punk touches here and there), songs that talk about “men’s stuff”, clubs or wild partying and want your Skid Row, Ratt, Aerosmith και Mötley Crüe vinyl to have a rest, here you go!