Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Country: Belgium
Label: Arising Empire


Spoil Engine is a band from Belgium that’s already counting 13 years plus in the music scene. Having already released 3 full length albums, Stormsleeper is their fourth full length (that for an unknown reason has the exact same title with the bands previous EP release). This is the first full length they release with Iris Goessens as lead vocalist, Niek Tournois was their lead vocalist for 10 years. Just by listening to the first track of the album, you can easily tell where they’re influenced from. Mainly Arch Enemy and especially the War Eternal era, in a few words, Alissa White Gluz has a special place in this album. Τhe guitar breakdowns and the alternation of the vocals gives them a more modern feel, just like a metal-core version of Arch Enemy. The guitars are massive and can be characterized as somewhat old-school, the production is crystal clear and the drummer deserves a shout-out. Beautiful melodies that fit well in the structure of the songs along with Iris’s singing abilities, she knows exactly what to do. She has obviously worked hard on it and this can be easily seen on her alternations from growling to clean vocals etc. I will highlight “Doomed To Die” as my personal favorite. The chorus got me hooked up more than any other in this album. There is a battle going on recently on the music scene between the melodic death metal fans and the metal-core ones. However, Stormsleeper is undoubtedly an excellent combination of both. This record wouldn’t be rejected by fans of other genres, either. The wide range of elements from other genres that can be found in the entirety of this album, will make many people appreciate it.