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New Zealand based thrashers STÄLKER have recently announced the news of their worldwide signing with Napalm Records. Welcome back to the glory of the 80s! And a very warm welcome to the Napalm Records family!

This Thrash Metal three-piece has already announced the title and release date of their upcoming album “Shadow Of The Sword”! Today this beast of an album is available for pre-order. To coincide with this occasion it is now time to unveil the stunning album artwork!

The band states:
“Bare witness to this evil power. Unleashed from the depths of hell, engulfing the world in flame. The tyrant rules these final days… His blade is the law!”


1. Total Annihilation
2. The Mutilator
3. Path Of Destruction
4. Shadow Of The Sword
5. Satanic Panic
6. Shocked To Death
7. Demon Dawn
8. Master Of Mayhem
9. Evil Dead
10. Steel God