Greece, Heavy, Steamroller Assault, Eat Metal Records, News, 2016

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Eat Metal Records
Year: 2017

For today’s review, we have yet another Greek band, “Steamroller Assault” that are about to return after 11 years of absence with their 3rd full-length album, called “Dead Man’s Hand”. The album is going to be released this month through Eat Metal Records.

Personally, before I even begin to think of reviewing an album, I must listen to the material plenty of times, as many as I possibly can. Most likely, I will be able to tell if I like it or not, from the first time I play the album. That was the case for “Dead Man’s Hand” as well, I enjoyed it at first blush but to be completely honest, I was able to appreciate it even more, as I kept listening to it. There are those small details that you are unable to notice the first time you listen to an album, because of the high volume of new information that comes along with it. As I keep on listening, I can distinguish the detailed work these guys have done, it’s definitely a well worked album.

“Dead Man’s Hand” starts with the self-titled track that has a Speedy approach, but Steamroller Assault are about to surprise you down the line. They present a very interesting combo of various musical influences, presented with filthy aesthetics and supported by great sound. Catchy choruses that get stuck in your mind (to be honest, many bands lacking on that department nowadays), many good ideas that get delivered by good musicians. Apart from the self-titled track, since typically those are the “hits” of any album, “Evil is my Middle Name” is certainly one of the most powerful songs, a catchy one that will make you sing along. My personal favorite that made it to my playlist of choice, is “Midnight Blues”. It’s fast, dirty and rousing, excellent performance by the vocalist and a great solo!

“Dead Man’s Hand” is an honest and neat album, has its own character and aesthetic. The production is exactly how it’s supposed to be and same applies to the artwork as well, that captures Steamroller Assault’s style, perfectly.

As a Metal music fan, that was brought up listening to Blues and Southern Rock as a child (thanks dad, you’re the best), I suggest you grab one -or more- glasses of bourbon and enjoy this album.