Genre:Epic/Heavy Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: Valve Studio records
Year: 2020

In Steel Arctus virgin release everything smells like epic metal. From their name, the title of the album and the artwork cover, the music and the lyrics. But since it is a new scheme, let’s share some basic information about them. The main founder and composer is their guitarist Thanasis Gousis, that is also responsible for the bass and the keyboards.

On vocals we have Tassos Lazaris, better known by his work with Fortress Under Siege. Their drummer is Xines that is coming from Portugal. The debut of Steel Arctus “Fire and Blood” deals with the heroic adventures of the warrior Steel Arctus in the mountains of Pindos, so we would say that it has a concept character. Musically we are basically dealing with epic metal, but Steel Arctus can also win fans from other sub-genres too (The memorable choruses tha stuck to your brain helps on that direction).

There’s an old school aesthetic, so the album may concerns also fans of traditional metal, something that becomes even more possible if you hear the wonderful high-pitched vocals of Tassos Lazaris in the veins of Dickinson. Also, the use of keyboards, which in some compositions is more intense, gives them an extra special feature. The short duration of the album helps to have consistency and it is so pleasant to hear “Fire and Blood”  that the listener would like a couple of songs more to make the album last longer.

We will not be panned as we are dealing with a fresh band. Especially when their first writing samples are excellent that put their name on the spotlight. We will keep an eye on them, looking forward for the next epic adventures of the warrior Steel Arctus.