Genre: Crust/Grindcore/Black
Country: Greece
Label: Clean Head Productions, World’s Appreciated Kitch, Scullcrasher Records, Chaos And Hell Productions, We Don’t Fight It
Year: 2014


Stheno, a four-member band from Volos, making its first steps in the grind and extreme metal scene, launch their first EP loaded with 5 tracks and entitled ‘Damnation Is Forever’.

The band’s name was inspired by the Gorgons, a product of ancient Greek mythology, Stheno, which was the sister of Euryale and Medusa. The etymology of the name arises from the valence-strength.

So starting to listen to their work, the crust moods of the band are immediately perceived due to their ‘cult’ sound, which brings us to oldest decades where productions were crudest and most obviously “constipated.”

The ‘through the grave motivated’ brutal vocals cover the most of all the influences and needs of the band’s sound, which certainly have awesome range and move from guttural growls (death/grind) to utmost pitch black metal vocals.

Having mentioned black metal, because the band adds such details in their sound and playing, just to say that the guitars and the bass riffs are based on high speed and technical type tremolo picking and more low tones highlighting the darker elements.

Drums are characterized by high speed blastbeats (what the hell, grindcore it is) while moving to a more groovy and D-Beat rhythms.

And of course just because we are talking about grind, the samples simply can not be missing, which are perceived since the start of the EP and come from a famous thriller movie.

I would certainly talk about each track separately, but such thing is not easy since all 5 tracks kick ass and cover each separate influence and mood of the band.

Summing up, the least I can say about this album is that it has enough power and rottenness, especially as a first work, to keep the interest up high and give the listener to understand what he likes when he hears the word grindcore.

The only reason I am not graduating this with honors is the fact that in some moments the sound comes of a bit chaos and the listener struggles to hear all the instruments well, but I’m obviously referring to specific cases within the tracks.