Genre: Death/Black/Grindcore
Country: Greece
Label: 7 Degrees Records / Chaos and Hell Productions
Year: 2021

I don’t know what to write about their new album, because I can’t be 100% objective with Stheno, as I have to admit that I’m a totally fan of their music, attitude and approaching, since day one. Their grindcore death is ultra-violent, fast, furious and blended so well and unholy with black metal that leaves no room for saying much. A punch in the face is all you get and believe me you don’t and can’t say much after that violent action…

Whoever likes Marduk, Ιmpaled Nazarene or Keitzer, just can’t resist on “Wardance”. Speaking of Keitzer, after some line-up changes Stheno’s new line-up features Christian Chaco, frontman of German death-grinders on vocals. This addition works like a catalytic factor on the new album. In their own words the band describes their sound as “sonic hooliganism for cool people”, but truth be told “Wardance” is like a giant sonic tank that its caterpillars walks all over you for every second of the 24 minutes long album. Every riff is a burst or a gust, every hit on the drums is like a fusillade, every song is a merciless attack.

The songs structure escapes the typical grindcore method and is full of hate while drawing inspiration from black and death metal mainly, sort of leaving grindcore influences in a secondary role; yet Anaal Nathrakh, Rotten Sound or even Retaliation elements can be found here and there. Brutal blasts and tremolo riffs are all over the album in its entirety, creating a record that can stand next to Panzer Division Marduk as equal. Yes I know what I have just written, and I know that they may lack on originality, but damn these 11 compositions are so well written and well played that makes “Wardance” undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year in extreme sound.