Genre: Brutal Hardcore
Country: Germany
Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment
Year: 2016

Being around in hardcore shows in Europe & reading online hardcore news, I’ve seen Still Ill’s name quite a few times. Having signed to a major yet underground label like Demons Run Amok Entertainment, I bet it helps to gain a good reputation, too. So, first thing I’ve noticed when I got the record in my hands, was the awesome artwork; dark, Integrity / Holy Terror aesthetics, reversed triangles, goats / demons, you know the deal. Second thing I’ve noticed was the super cool production; everything’s so clean yet heavy & groovy. I definitely like this kind of production style when it comes to bands performing metallic hardcore. And Still Ill is one of them.

‘Building the beast’ includes 9 songs & an intro of heavy, metallic, brutal hardcore in the vein of bands like Ringworm, the aforementioned Integrity, and should I say Hatebreed and the likes?! There’s also a modern touch, reminding me of bands like Lifeless and maybe Nasty in some more beatdown moments.

Lyric-wise, the band deals with social & political issues, criticising the modern society and the way its citizens behave & act. To be honest, I really like the lyrics because it’s more common for metal driven dark hardcore bands to use post-apocalyptic or hateful lyrics and not to take a stance for issues like the ones Still Ill seem to care.

The record also features guest vocals by members of bands like Optimist, Done & Countdown.

All in all, it’s a very easy-listening metallic hardcore record that won’t get you bored or anything. I enjoyed listening to this and I’ll put it again in my stereo for sure! It’s nothing ground-breaking but it’s honest and very well played; if you are a fan of this genre you should give it a try!