Genre: Power Metal
Country: Germany
Label: DIY / G.U.C.
Release: December 2020

Stormhunter, hailing from Germany have had their share in things going frequently the wrong way. Despite the fact that the band spans between two decades, the many lineup changes and the 2003 hiatus have created an unstable environment for the band to flourish. At some point some of the members created Subsphere, however the initial Stormhunter moniker returned for good in 2007. Staying true to the local Power Metal inclination, the band devoted itself to the genre and have released three full albums in total. Six years after the release of their last album, Stormhunter return with the “Ready For Boarding” EP that we’ll be dealing with today. In general, we’re listening to classic Power Metal compositions that follow traditional structures, with dynamic riffs for the most of it, drums that follow conservative types of playing and a singer that’s actually having lots of fun. The band does now offer an album that’s groundbreaking or entrepreneurial, however the melodies and the upbeat mood with which the band recorded, makes you forget the simple techniques and enjoy the music. What surprised me most was the cover on Trust’s “Antisocial”, sung in French towards the end of the EP. I’m sure that fans of Stormwarrior and / or Hammerfall will find things to like , while Stormhunter may also appeal to Running Wild fans as I think they’ve been a huge inspiration for the band. Could the EPs title be a reference? Hm. Anyway, guys, give it a listen. It’s worth a few listening sessions, even though I think it won’t win the bet of time.