Genre: Punk/Oi
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2018

Working Class bands may lack of originality in lyrical themes but I guess this is a capitalistic problem as everyday struggle and the pressure upon workers ‘kills imagination’ (of course ironically speaking..). So ‘every day topics’ may sound simplistic or common to white collar audience, but a protest song has a common purpose for anyone that has the same problems in his/hers life. Unless you find teaching your children to defend what’s right (‘Other Ones’) or freedom of speech (title track) something cliché or boring… Street Dogs return after 8 years (and 2 EP‘s and a split in between) with their 6th full length studio album via Century Media. For those (I hope a small minority) that don’t know (or don’t remember) Street Dogs, I have to say/remind to them that they are an American punk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts formed in 2002 by former Dropkick Murphys singer Mike McColgan. The album is the first to feature Pete Sosa on drums, Matt Pruitt on lead guitar and Lenny Lashley on rhythm guitar. One of the catchiest songs on the album on the song ‘Angels Calling’, features a guest appearance by Boston hip hop artist and actor, Slaine. Some songs may sound too American for European fans as it talks about the redemption of a former soldier (‘The Comeback Zone’) or ‘Lest We Forget’ that honors a fallen fireman (please notice that (McColgan continues to work as a dispatcher for the Boston fire department), but they are great tunes.  “Never Above You, Never Below You’ may take you 16 years back as it brings in mind Dropkick Murphys, and guess what, this is not the best track on the album. ‘Something Or Die For Nothing’ is a solid, decent and catchy as hell street punk-oi album that will establish the resurgence for Street Dogs among genre’s fanatics.