Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Shub Niggurath Productions
Year: 2018

If there is one genre in the extreme sound spectrum, in which our country has a long tradition, then this would certainly be black metal. Consistent presence, recognisable trademarks and respect in the global underground circles. It is not a coincidence that Greek province was always a part of the game, from the 90’s when distributing your material was not the easiest thing until today’s technological orgasm. Sulferon are coming from Naousa and since 2002, their forming year, they were not particularly active, but after 2015 they are on it and release material regularly. The band consists of two members, Typhonas is the main composer and Ithonas is responsible for the vocals. In the 7 songs plus 1 intro you can hear all the cliché (in the nice way) of old school black metal sound, which is what this records exercises on. Trainrolling and razorblade riffing, haunting vocals and ferocious drums, which I would prefer a bit less triggered, but that is not annoying at all. Some small atmospheric additions ‘of course not in the classic style’ are welcome and function as moments of breath for the listener. Sulferon are playing convincingly, in ritualistic fashion and manage to combine their unavoidable Greek sonic aura with the cold ,north European prestige. Friends of the genre, check it out.