Genre: Experimental / Ambient / Drone
Country: Switzerland
Label: Cyclic Law, Czar Of Cricket Productions
Year: 2017

About a year ago, on September 15, 2017, an awesomely psychedelic album – psychedelic, not in the sense of Hawkwind – was released – and since I kept playing on repeat, I think it would be good to say a few words. Besides, music is joy and joy must be shared, they say, so here we go.

Sum of R’s “Orga” is a slow-moving, hypnotic and elaborately structured album, quite out of the conventional experimental sound structures, which I think somewhat broadens the boundaries of this ‘strange’ sound. It is mostly based on experimental ambient and drone sounds, with a dose of the necessary psychedelia that’s needed to throw you violently in the abyss and leave you there in an embryonic position to reflect upon what mistakes you have made in your life. Ecclesiastical instruments, synthesizers, electronic sounds, repetitive patterns sophistically weave the veil of Sum Of R, making “Orga” ideal for a soundtrack in some of the documentaries that attempt to explain in simple terms the secrets and mysteries of the Universe. Alternatively, it could be utilized as the musical carpet of the universe when everything is lost and the world is trying to be reborn.
I am not talking about a record that you can listen to individual tracks, but as a whole and privately (without company) since its intense, metaphysical and primitive aftertaste celebrates life and death in a combination of absolute serenity and unbearable pain. Despite the fact that we simply dealing with a record, I truly believethat it is a complete experience full of uncompromising elementes and spiritual uplifting. Food for both thought and soul. Invest.