Genre: Summoning stuff
Country: Austria
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2013

It took 7 whole years, which seemed endless, for their seventh child to see the light of darkness. Besides, the duo Silenius and Protector is not famous for its diligence when it comes to being productive. In fact they often put their creativity in side projects (DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS, AMESTIGON, MIRKWOOD, PAZUZU, ICE AGES, etc) leaving their main vehicle to a standstill, somewhere in the Dol Guldur’s dungeons. And why should they rush things? A scout leads and doesn’t follow. And when you’re considered to be the undisputed leader of the wide ranging majestic, marching black metal scene, having influenced so many people, when apart from your not so indicative debut album “Lugburz”, you have contributed the monumental albums “Minas Morgul”, “Dol Guldur”, “Stronghold”, “Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame”, “Oath Bound”(plus the 2 mini albums “Nightsahe forest”, “Lost tales”), when every next step you take is eagerly awaited by your alert followers ,then really there is no reason to hurry (although this time they may have gone too far).

The opening self-titled track was the first to be released on the internet a few days before the official release of the album and it was just what it needed to be, satisfying in regard to duration, forged in hell, with the peculiar Summoning sound marching. Trumpets signal the return of the Elders, passing the baton to all the basic features that established them, constantly changing, pompous and epic rhythm accompanied by the so beloved and eerie growling which create an atmosphere that for a moment, makes you think that they carry on their obscure journey right from where they stopped, back in the supreme “The passing of the grey company” from the “Minas Morgul” album. The foretaste of the torturously alluring world the Austrians created brought salvation. And now it’s time for the complete experience, with everything needed for an old friends’ reunion in place (lights shut, candles lit, cell phone turned off and a bottle of wine from the ones you save just for special occasions).

After 65 minutes I was still numb. My first move was to press “play” again. So what’s the conclusion? Everything anyone could ask from a SUMMONING album is here but for the first time the band lowers the songwriting bar. The album is uneven. Apart from the awesome self-titled track mentioned above, the staggering “Earthshine” and “Of pale white morns and darkened eves”, all the other songs (“Flammifer, “The white tower”, Caradhas”, “The wandering fire”) justify their place in this album only in some occasions. But I didn’t give up, I kept listening. I had to convince myself that this album was worthy. This is SUMMONING and not some upstart newcomer band. And yes, today, several months later “Old Mournings Dawn” won me over. It’s impossible for me to say anything negative about this band. They haunted my dreams, they offered me countless moments of exhilaration, countless sleepless nights, i owe them and not the other way around. This is SUMMONING and that’s the end of this discussion. It’s as simple as that. This album is recommended for purchase only after every past release of the band is in your possession.

“Don’t grieve for me I am not there
I am the gentle autumn rain
Hold my lamp to light your way
Farewell to thee…”