Genre: Grindcore
Country: Australia
Label: Blastasfuk Records
Year: 2014


The Australians are mad! It is well known that goregrind and grindcore scene over there is on fire the last decade with great bands such as The Kill, Captain Cleanoff, Fuck I’m Dead etc. and also some labels like Blastasfuck and Grindhead Records.

Super Fun Happy Slide is a band of that kind. Ultra fast and furious-sounded grindcore with very cool sense of humor delivered through a 25-track album (the biggest song lasts 1:41!!!). The final result of this release could easily remind Napalm Death (of the “scum” era) and the gods Insect Warfare. “Mouth to Mouth Regurgitation”, “Schoolgirl Shishkebab” and “GOREtron” are some of the best tracks here. If you are fond of this sound, you should check them for sure!