Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: The Sign Records
Year :2018

The name Svartnatt is the name of the darkest night of the year =vintersolståndet / winter solstice and this is the second time we give an (eagle) eye to this band from Stockholm. It is already almost 2 ½ years since Svartanatt’s s/t debut studio album. Enough time to prepare a decent full length, in order to fulfill the promises you created on your previous effort, without betraying your few, but loyal fans. Once gain using the same composing formula and without any willing to move from the 70’s hard rock/heavy metal pattern, these Swedes know very well that the line that separates cheap imitators from a trve revivalist is so thin…Fortunately they don’t cross that line and the Deep Purple meets Thin Lizzy Hard Rock of Svartanatt is still as charm as it should sound. These guys definitely love Ritchie Blackmore’s work and riffs (Deep Purple and Rainbow), but they dare to write a Scorpions-like ballad showing some Shenker influences too (Wolf Blues). Jani Lehtinens sharp voice has a raw hint, while there are many parts that bring out a more modern face of the band, in the veins of The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric. Dead Lord or Graveyard. It’s possible to imagine that the appearance of keyboards is more than obvious, but believe me that there’s a rational use of them. The late 60’-70’s guitar driven sound has the analog production that it demands, while there’s many songs outstanding creating a unique result. Check them immediately, even though all yous fans of this sound, probably know their name from day one when they introduce themselves with ‘Svartnatt’. High lights: ‘The Children Of Revival’, ‘Duffer’, ‘Hit Him Down’, ‘Black Heart’ and ‘The Lonesome Ranger’. The artwork cover is too American to my eyes, not a downer but ok whatever floats their boat…