Genre: Beatdown Hardcore / Death / Heavy HC
Country: Greece
Label: DIY
Release: 27/06/2019

Those who care about, or at least stay aware of, the (real) Hardcore scene in Greece, certainly have in mind those bastards from Katerini called Swarm Of Rats. Insisting on their musical designation, the five-piece from Katerini continue to carry that characteristic Heavy / Death HC Beatdown on their backs, the heavy distortions on the guitars and the vocals and of course the relatively brief-lasting tracks. Swarm Of Rats’ new Promo EP consists of three tracks in total (quick and feisty just like a bomb tequila shot) the recording and mixing of which were handled by the band itself. In terms of sound and lyrical themes, the band does not deviate from their norm, continuing to offer a very distinctive Hardcore manifestation. It’s certainly one of the good releases of this year, and the good thing is that it surfaced a few weeks before the band’s tour in Turkey so best of luck to the boys! Lastly, it was obvious that this promo would be a good one, especially judging by the releases that preceded it. Those of you who live in Thessaloniki or the cities around, you have the chance to see Swarm Of Rats live on August 24 at Orphanidou 3 str at the Musicngear Offices, where they will play alongside Cold Hate, a band I recently very much enjoyed live.

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