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Iron Bonehead Productions announces January 31st, 2020 as the international release date for the striking debut album of Sweden’s ReaperUnholy Nordic Noise, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Take the first step over that threshold with the brand-new track “Horn of Hades” below at Iron Bonehead‘s Soundcloud.

Tracklisting for Reaper (Sweden)’s Unholy Nordic Noise
1. Intro
2. Hero of the Graveyard Flies
3. Severing Tentacles of Faith
4. Arctic Wrath – Blood and Bone
5. Order of the Beelzebub
6. Horn of Hades
7. The Birth of War
8. Surrender to the Void
9. This Crystal Hell
10. Ravenous Storm of Piss
11. De Krälande Maskarnas Kör
12. Outro