Genre: Raw Punk / D – Beat
Country: Portugal
Labels: Ring Leader, Regulator Records, Raginplanet & Raw ‘n’ Roll Rex
Release: 31/03/2018

Even though almost a year has already passed since the release of “Anarquia – Violência” and despite the fact that I don’t usually review Punk records at Metal Invader, I pay a frequent visit to this particular album, so I think it’s about time I talked about it. I’m speaking about Systemik Viølence and their album “Anarquia – Violência” that came out like a punch out of nowhere, right after the release of the “Satanarkist Attack” ΕΡ, specifically on March 31rst 2018. It consists of seven wild and overly aggressive punk tracks, that rely on classic D – Beat tempos, however there are moments when the speeds acquired by the band can easily wipe out half of the metal bands across the world. Portuguese Systemik Viølence, seem to redefine Metal Punk in the best possible way, which is great considering the stale era we live in, during which finding good music has equal possibilities of winning the Christmas Lottery. They left me with a combo taste of Joel Grind’s War Ripper (but on steroids and with better production) and Wolfpack. The lyrics of the album are written in both English and Portuguese, thus adding a certain exotic ingredient in the whole mix, while the themes they cover elaborate on a war against sexism, racism, patriarchy and their ramifications in the shitty world we live in.

Give it chance; “Anarquia – Violência” is a bright exception in today’s mediocre music production.