Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2017

It’s a simple indication but it turns quickly into an unwritten rule. When a favorite Invader team’s band releases a new album, the number of the editors wanting to write a review on it, indicates the acceptance of the record by the readers and the metal fans in general. As you have probably understood this time, the unholy faction of the editorial team – with an exception – avoided clashing logic with emotion, memories with reality and so on, and refrained from writing 2 lines for its beloved Tankard’s new album…. Let me be clear, we are not talking about a huge failure. And I will not play safe by prettifying the situation like “Come on, it’s tough after 17 whole years to be on the same high level”. However despite the fact that this year marks the 35th anniversary of the band, they didn’t manage to make a great studio album for themselves and the fans. This is something hard for me to accept as a serious fase in their career, while taking a look in other magazines and webzines’ reviews of ‘One Foot In The Grave’, it seems they just wrote a quick review because they had to, neverminding if the vote was good or bad. Actually, they could have been written the review without even listening to a single note of the album and just copy-pastying the reviews of Tankard’s 2-3 latest releases with just changing the title. This is not a censure towards Tankard of course, implying some kind of laziness from the part of the band but rather like to point out the procedural irony of the situation of blaming Tankard for lack of inspiration while reviewers just copied themselves. The album reminds us of course their previous 3 releases, both in production and composition. Some riffs are closer to classic heavy metal forms, while on the lyrics they are not only being silly and talk about drinking beer, though most have a bit of lightness. If they were to take a bigger risk, this one could have had an extra bonus, however the entire release feels a little bit predictable. However it has the high energetic that you should expect from a Tankard album , it as the riffs and those 2-3 songs that are slaying it and stand out and you are going to listen to them on their impending tour, so the summary pretty much makes it a winner and probably on your 2017 wishlist.