Tankard is standard. Their gigs are always dipped in good mood, pro performance, fun and their very own well played thrash. So you know what to expect. It all began with Speedrush that were enjoyed by those present and those still arriving at the venue. Their setlist was based on their debut album, they were well rehearsed, tight and warmed up the people for Riffobia. First time I’ve seen these guys and they made a very good impression. Their only minus (and this has to do with Speedrush too) was the balance of the guitars that was a bit low making the sound more muddy, but I don’t think that any of the bands had to do with it. The place is almost filled, Tankard hit the stage and what we said in the beginning still counts. Tankard is standard. Ok, all of us would love to hear some more 80’s classics but such a huge discography the choice is always difficult. And very few 90’s songs too…As it reasonable they choose more from the latest work One foot in the grave which was warmly greeted by the fans and the true mayhem went on in the classic riffs of Chemical Invasion, Morning After and the closing Empty Tankard. The whole communication thing between band and audience was once more unique but when you have Geree as your frontman this should be easy. He also said something very important. Tankard is the only band that hasn’t stopped for a single day since creation. And that was in 1982 and a huge discography on their backs. And they also have the same line up for almost 20 years so shut up and respect these thrashers. They had a great sound which added to the good time people had as the gig ended. Next time they are here, we’ll be there too. And make sure you don’t be late next time! Frei bier fur alles!