Genre: Death/Doom
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Saw Her Ghost Records / Rain Without End Records
Year: 2014

The Detroit based deathsters TEMPLE OF VOID is a band which has built a good name in the underground due to two factors: their great demo in 2013 called “DEMO MMXIII” (and the three tracks of this demo are included in their new album) and that singer is the guitarist of the cult and adorable ACID WITCH, Mike “Tuff” Erdody.

Death metal slow and rotten, reminds of ancient Asphyx, primitive Paradise Lost and Hooded Menace. You can understand what is really happening in “Of Terror and the Supernatural” from the first second the album begins with the powerful (and maybe the most fast track of the cd) “The Embalmer’s Art”. Also great tracks are “Invocation of Demise” and “Beyond the Ultimate” which are a real soundtrack of epitaph with fiendish melodies. The acoustic instrumental “To Carry this Corpse Evermore” is excellent, nothing less. The artwork is beautiful (brings in mind “Leprosy”) and the production kills.

If you want your death metal slow and heavy as it gets you have to check these dudes.