Genre: Heavy/Death Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Battlegod Productions
Year: 2014


‘Shallow Grave’ is the latest work of the Australian band Temtris, whose story begins in around 2000. Having released 2 full length albums, they are back after 7 years, trying to make it up for the lost time.

What we are dealing with here is a record that appeals to all tastes. Temtris’s music is an amalgam of heavy, power, thrash with death metal growls and some black metal outbursts. Female vocals (Chastain’s Leather Leone heavy metal style of singing, not ‘Nightwish’ operatic ones) are mixed with guitarist Llew Smith’s death growls. The production sounds very clean but too modern in my ears.

Chastain meets Opeth meets Nevermore meets Annihilator atmosphere in great songs like ‘Captured’, ‘The Entity’ and ‘Darkness Lies’, but there are songs here like ‘Shallow Grave’, that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand upwith Genevieve Rodda’s powerful vocals, hitting it right on the spot and the incredible solo near the end. ‘Silent Tears’ is another great track with the piano opening and the masterful riffing, which evolves into one of the best power mid-tempo songs I’ve heard in 2014. The guitar licks in the record are surely classicschool oriented but with a little virtuosic coldness touch to them. The band surely has much technical skill and it is obvious throughout the record but the highlight is the tremendous voice of Genevieve!

In its entirety, ‘Shallow Grave’ demands more than one listen to reveal some great elements that it holds. Anyone who likes his metal multidimensional should find one of the best records of 2014 right here.