Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Country: Northern Ireland
Label:Cruz Del Sur Music

I first heard TERMINUS music back in 2013 when the band released their debut “Into Exile” demo. They have managed to obviously caught my attention and I must add that their 2015’s “The Reaper’s Spiral” debut is still a very welcome addition on my regular Heavy Metal playlist.

What I really enjoyed on this Belfast based band is that they have managed to step far away from the average recipe that many of today’s Heavy Metal bands follow. You know, just a couple of riffs put together, some average vocal melodies and one or two typical guitar leads under a generic formula. No this is not the case for TERMINUS.

TERMINUS have a very specific feature that was there even from their very early days: They focus on their songwriting. They are carefully selecting all those elements that would be combined to form each and every of their songs. And believe me even their lyric concept focused on science fiction stuff is actually servicing the band’s big goal: to write and deliver songs that matter.

I was waiting for their second release under an anxious mode, cause I was not sure what to wait after the line up changes on the band’s main core. Fortunately the TERMINUS science magic was not affected and I would have to inform you that “A Single Point Of Light” is a magnificent album managed to exceed the high standards that was set on the debut.

The amazing riffing, the melodic lead guitar parts and much more important the epic vocal melodies that quickly became the TERMINUS trademark are here.

Focusing on those vocal lines that very often become the main element that gives form to a TERMINUS song you would for sure notice a very specific British 90s, Heavy / Epic Metal approaching. Well spin a random SOLSTICE record and you will understand my specific point.

TERMINUS are able to create amazing atmosphere especially during their mid tempo parts but I have to admit that their faster parts and those well developed pounding riffs are the big deal.

I have to repeat that the band pays serious attention on their song structures. They would add lot of stuff in each and every song -main themes, bridges, breakings- but the overall result would be amazingly catchy.

Influences? Well I found lots of the good Heavy Metal stuff of our age, running on the veins of this album… SLOUGH FEGBORROWED TIMETWISTED TOWER DIRE etc. You will notice the vibe of such -and similar- bands as you explore the album.

Well there is nothing more to add in here TERMINUS delivers classy, seriously Epic and well developed Heavy Metal. It would make your head bang but it will take to a long science fictional journey, because their lyric is for one more time a KEY feature.

OK lads, now you got to make a better album than this hahaha -message to the band-.

Favorite tracks: “Mihra, Tell Me the Nature of Your Existence”, “Harvest”, “To Ash, To Dust”, “As Through A Child’s Eyes”. “Spinning Webs, Catching Dreams”.