Genre: Black / Total Death / Thrash
Country: Russia
Release: February 2021
Label: LVX Morgenstern / Living Temple Records

This might be one of the most edgy releases of 2021, in my honest opinion, based on everything I had the pleasure of listening. Thanatomass charge from Russia and their only aim is to suffocate anyone that’s their genre’s enemy. The EP at hand is “Black Vitriol & Iron Fire”, released via LVX Morgenstern and Living Temple Records on February 2021 as a follow up to the band’s first EP entitled “Darkest Conjurations” (2019). As soon as the needle hits the vinyl, the album comes to grab you by the neck and throw you into Hell’s burning pits. Musically speaking, we’re dealing with a mix of traditional Black and Death Metal structures given to you by the group’s sonic filter. From relentless headbangs to complete chaos that leaves you facing the sky with open arms conjuring every demon on Earth. This release is an ode to flowing adrenaline, violence and blasphemous compositions and vocals. Of course, the Russians at some points allow you to breathe with their atmospheric low speeds, just to hit the throttle and crush you again. I have very high expectations from Thanatomass, as their first steps left me craving for more. Surely, in the near future, they will stir things up again.